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 Official and Member-created vocabulary, Also contains Emotion Vowels
 Posted: Mar 11 2014, 01:05 PM

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This topic is intended as a supplement to the Hymmnos wiki page, not a replacement. Please be sure to read the Hymmnos info before making your own words to make sure they work with Pastalie's grammar structure.

Please make only one post per member. Silly placeholders are fine, but your post will not be linked until you have one or more words.

Table of Contents:
  • Quick-and-Dirty Emotion Vowels list (you are here)
  • Official Pastalie Vocabulary
  • Tiamat

Quick-and-Dirty Emotion Vowels list
  • Subject (IMPORTANT NOTE: Have different meanings when used with "x."! Be sure to reference the wiki for the subject definer rules.)
A - Strength, concentration, doing one's best.
I - Pain, agony, fear, feeling of wanting to run away.
U - Sadness, worry, (sometimes means caring too).
E - Happiness, pleasure.
O - Anger, malice.
N - Absent-mindedness, relaxation, (sometimes means negative).
  • Audience
YA - Your feeling.
YI - Your suffering, your pain, your death.
YU - Your sadness, your anxiety.
YE - Your happiness.
YO - Your anger.
YN - Your calmness.
  • World
LYA - This world's feeling.
LYI - This world's pain, this world's destruction.
LYU - This world's sadness, this world's tension.
LYE - This world's happiness.
LYO - This world's anger, this world's madness, this world's fighting.
LYN - This world's calmness, this world's stillness.

Aleksand - Singer, Wher Lord, jerkface
 Posted: Mar 11 2014, 01:06 PM

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Official New Testament of Pastalia Vocabulary

Please reference the wiki for assistance on grammar and the vocabulary of other dialects.

a.u.k. - "be"
ag - Equivalent to the English "and"
aje - new
ale - sound
arhou - hope, wish, blessing
ayulsa - eternity, for eternity, continues forever
balduo - dark, of darkness, unable to be seen
c.z. - transform
ceku - friend, comrade, companion, comrade
cia - sky
d.n. - dance
d.n.g. - pierce
d.r.s.n. - handed down, passed down, passed on
d.s.s.n. - strike, fall upon
d.z. - die
daedu - eyesore, something ugly
dejuy - atonement
dn - Used to indicate means. Equivalent to the English "by"
doodu - ground, earth
du - (direct object marker)
eje - heart, mind, feeling
elye - hitherto, yet
ess - Equivalent to the English "in")
f.p.n. - downpour
f.r.l. - be frightened
f.s. - whisper, murmur
f.w.r - accept
f.w.r.n - surround, enfold
fs - breeze (when it has an "E" emotion vowel in front, its meaning changes to "whisper").
g.k.n. - eat
g.v.w - fight, battle
g.w.f.r. - judge
g.w.n. - lead, guide
gasar - doll, stuffed animal
gkgul - cracked
glansee - divine, exalted Note: adding "LYA" before it changes its meaning to "God").
goa - (it's used in the same way as the English "only")
gral - all of, entire
h.k.t.t - embrace, hug
h.l.s.s. - grieve, sigh
h.m.m.r. - sing
h.p.p - think, feel - have (someone) on one's mind
h.r.n.t. - go on a journey
h.w.s.s. - grow, mature
harphe - morning
hiew - sadness
hiewi - heart-breaking, sad
j.d.r. - apprehend, capture
j.l.j. - capture, adhere, take in
j.l.r. - calm down, return to one's self
j.w. - entrust
j.z.t. - execute, invoke
k.f.k.k. - sneer, ridiculize, scorn
k.r. - play, frolic
k.v.r. - cover, wrap
k.v.n.r. - challenge, defy
kajya - necessary, needed
keg - branch
keighi - Possibly "destruction of/release from life and death" (unofficial translation)
kouf - sigh
l.k.k. - look up at, admire
l.l.n. - bless
l.n.c.a. - tie together, connect
lyuma - star, planet
m.a.m. - exist
m.f.l. - cover, shroud
m.n.g. - drink, understand, learn
m.r.r. - reflect, project
m.t.y.y. - create, give birth to
maen - full moon
meryu - memory (Note: if it's preceeded by an "A" emotion vowel, then its meaning is changed to "dream")
n.d.n. - lay, put down, hide
n.m.l. - dye, color
n.t.n. - continue, go on
naave - because ~
nafa - easy, gentle
nafan - kind, tender
naflansee - happiness, good fortune
olo - night
oucc - together
ouvyu - ruins
ouwua - a lot, many, much
p.s.w.t. - seize, adquire
pikca - fruit, nut
pipit - only, merely, a little
poe - seed, kind
pop - bubble
pupe - tear, teardrop
q.g.s. - end, finish
q.l.s. - shake tremendously
qejyu - people, humanity (Notes: Preceeded by an "E" emotion vowel, the meaning changes to "lover" and "wife/husband". Preceeded by an "YE" emotion vowel, the meaning changes to "family, relatives, friends". Preceeded by an "LYE" emotion vowel, the meaning changes to "the grand family of humankind".)
qraffa - leaf
r.f.m - see, watch
r.f.r.m - know, recognize
r.l.t.y. - revive, resurrect, rebirth
r.w. - help, rescue
raudl - form, shape
rawah - flower
reta - Please...
ryewa - overgrown
s.l. - believe, trust
s.l.y. - give, award, convey
s.n.k.k. - bud (plant)
s.s.w. - say, speak, inform
sarr - sunlight, radiance
sarsa - rain
sechel - city
sefanl - forest
sev - at the time of ~, when ~
siance - holy land, sanctuary, utopia
siann - light
sphaela - world
t.h.s. - go outside
t.k.d. - reach
t.n. - stop, end
t.n.m.n. - scatter (seeds), (to) plant
t.r.m. - develop, make bloom, realize
talam - dawn's color
tapa - water
targue - even if ~ is the case
tie - in regards to... (specifying a subject)
titia - good will, innate goodness of man
ttu - in order to do ~
tussu - change
tyui - Small, little, tiny
ujes - ill will
urgn - grief, lamentation
ut - Equivalent to the English "to"
v.a - produce, craft
v.s.k - sense physically, feel, experience
v.t - live
vega - here, this
vege - there, that
w.f. - want to do ~
w.h.h. - feel, sense
w.n.s. - visit, echo
w.r.l - aim at, have an eye on
w.r.m. - shine on, illuminate
w.s. - give
w.s.s - praise
w.w.j.n.c. - resound, sympathize
x. - (subject marker)
x.y.n. - hurt, injure
y.m.q. - bear fruit, ripen
y.y. - heal, cure
y.z.t. - wish, desire, request
z.z.x. - (to) despair
zalez - waterfall
zess - like ~
zz - negation, denial, un-

Aleksand - Singer, Wher Lord, jerkface
 Posted: Mar 11 2014, 03:02 PM

Group: Admin
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WHY CAN'T I HOLD all these words

.v.ryn - to burn
prokye - fire, flame; preceded by the LYO emotion vowel, it becomes pyroclasm

Aleksand - Singer, Wher Lord, jerkface
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