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 Dragons, now with extra ~*~sparkle~*~
 Posted: Mar 15 2014, 09:36 PM

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Dragons are large, six-limbed carnivores with strong telepathic abilities. They must bond with a human at hatching in order to live, and a dragon who can't find a suitable human to bond with will vanish into the strange space known as between. They have two stomachs; one for ordinary eating and a second that is part of the system that lets them breath fire.

Dragons will exclusively refer to a person with their preferred pronoun unless asked to do otherwise, since they're highly emphatic mindreaders.

Length is measured from nosetip to base of tail. The tail averages about half of the dragon's length.

All colors can theoretically breed, but breeding-ranked females are the primary layers and the majority of fighter-ranked females are fed firestone to prevent laying-related complications (especially if the female is small for her color) and overpopulation.

Ramoth is not the draconic genetic Eve on this site. For the sake of realism/consistency, the Oldtimer golds were not sterilized by timing it; the stress made it harder for them to successfully clutch and less likely to Fly, but they did eventually produce more breeding females, and they are the mothers of all mutation colors but whites. Note that enough interbreeding has occurred that all mutation colors appear in most clutches.

"Breeding" ranks

Gold (15-50 eggs, 20-35 most common) Average 50-60 ft. long
Golds are generally imperious, willful, and somewhat maternal (which does not mean nice). Gold dragons prefer to Impress women, particularly Singers, and tend to gravitate towards the strong-willed. Vary from bright copper to deep gold to almost bronze. Have a metallic sheen. Many are physically incapable of consuming firestone.

NOTE: Golds can compel other dragons, but it's not absolute, is limited by draconic memory, and all dragons will disobey if they or their rider would be put in danger by obeying. Most dragons will listen to the dominant females out of respect, though, and the majority of golds don't feel the need to force an action when they can just demand it normally.

Bronze (generally will only catch large breeding-ranked females) Average 45-55 ft long
Bronzes are generally more aggressive, harsh, and competitive. Bronze dragons prefer to Impress men and tend to gravitate towards the ambitious. Vary from greenish bronze to bright brass to sort of brownish. Have a metallic sheen.

Jasper (12-45 eggs, 18-32 most common) Average 45-55 ft long
Jaspers are generally upbeat, gregarious, and optimistic. They, like the browns they are derived from, do not have any gender preferences, but they do tend to prefer stern, solemn types as partners. Vary from vaguely pinkish to a deep blood red to very slightly orange. Have an adularescent sheen.

Chalcedony (generally only catch mid-sized breeders) Average 40-50 ft long
Chalcedony dragons are generally very literal, energetic, and see the world in black and white. They have a very slight preference for male riders on the whole, but are more prone to Impressing people who fit into the "respectable" part of their worldview. Vary from almost purple to coral verging on red. Have an adularescent sheen.

"Fighter" ranks

Yellow (8-38 eggs, 10-20 most common, very high dud rate) Average 40-50 ft long
Yellows are generally dour pessimists with a tendency towards harshness. They, like the golds they derive from, have a slight preference for women (especially Singers), but unlike golds they tend to prefer people who are driven and intense. Vary from vaguely greenish yellow to almost orange. Rarely, they have tan tones.

Brown (catch primarily mid-sized fighters and small breeders) Average 35-45 ft long
Browns are hardy, stout-hearted sorts on the whole. They lack gender preferences, and generally prefer people as hardworking as they are. Vary from reddish brown to true brown to tan.

Black (4-26 eggs, 8-18 most common, high dud rate) Average 30-40 ft long
Blacks are gentle and traditionally feminine on the whole, with a preference to work from the shadows. They, like the blues they're derived from, lack gender preferences, but they gravitate towards those more suited to working behind the scenes than in the limelight. Vary from slightly tinted shades to pure black. Rarely, they come in dark grey.

Blue (catch primarily small fighters) Average 25-35 ft long
Blues are generally jolly, with a taste for pranks. They lack gender preferences and gravitate toward riders with their feet firmly on the ground. Vary from a teal color to cerulean to almost violet.

Green (3-12 eggs, 4-6 most common, very high dud rate) Average 25-35 ft long
Greens are usually intense and highly driven; while in the past they were derided as brainless flirts, the changing attitudes and needs of Pern have bolstered their perceived value. They have a very slight preference for women, particularly Singers, and lack any clear personality preferences. Vary from almost yellow to jade to turquoise.

White (Sterile, do not fly or chase. Can be any sex. Mutation linked to a rare defect in a gene that is lethal when homozygous.) Average 15-20 ft long
Whites are generally somewhat child-like and have an unusually firm grasp on when they are. They have no clear Impression preferences. Are universally white with slight patches of color when in light. They rarely make it to hatching due to the severe developmental problems associated with the mutation, and often must be assisted.

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