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Dec 27 2015, 06:04 PM
Table of Contents:
- Introduction (you are here)
- Nonpersonal spells
- Personal spells

Since there are a great deal of spells, I decided that a quick reference area for the effects of spells was needed. Nonpersonal spells are those with few to no limits in who can use them, while personal spells are those spells that have either extensive limits or can only be used by a single Singer.
Dec 12 2014, 04:23 PM
Ranking members:

Lieutenant: 1/1 (must be a Singer)
Masterhealer: 1/1
Singers: One per player
Unit commander: 4/4


Gold: 1/1
Bronze: 2/2
Jasper: 2/2
Chalcedony: 3/3
Yellow: 10/10
Brown: 10/10
Black: 20/20
Blue: 20/20
Green: 20/20
Dec 12 2014, 04:05 PM

Gold: 1/1
Bronze: 2/2
Jasper: 2/2
Chalcedony: 4/4
Yellow: 15/15
Brown: 15/15
Black: Unlimited.
Blue: Unlimited.
Green: Unlimited.
White: Hatching only.


Singers: 1 per player.
Masterhealer: 1/1
May 16 2014, 11:01 PM
Name: Sureina ("Reina")
Affiliation: Wher Lord
Gender: Female
Age: 69
Brief summary: Aleksand's childhood friend and sort-of-wife, Sureina is an extremely weak Singer who, were it not for her chalcedony firelizard ("Spots"), would appear to be a sociopath (in fact, most dragonkin are extremely uncomfortable around her). She's cultivated an outward appearance of a sort of gentle housewife, but any sort of prolonged exposure makes it clear that it's almost entirely artificial. She's loyal primarily because she sees no benefit in being disloyal; despite how Aleksand views her, she's not really capable of easily forming the same sort of bonds as other people, although she makes a fair effort to hide that fact. She's fairly pacifistic as far as Wher Lord members go, and considers excessive force distasteful.

Tall and very dark-skinned, with long, kinky black hair and dark brown eyes. Exclusively wears plain, modest clothing. Has her Wher Mother Mark on the back of her right hand. Is missing her tongue and sounds somewhat odd when she speaks due to it.

She grew up with Aleksand, and has acted as her right-hand woman (and voice of reason) for most of their lives.
Playable by others?: No.
Will/Won't Do:
WILL: Be outwardly sweet and kind.
Break your goddamn kneecaps if you don't pay your damn protection fees.
Say things that come off as really creepy/disturbing given her lack of external emotion.

WON'T: Act angry.
Hurt her firelizard or family.
Break your knees for any other reason.
Talk about how anything tastes.
Talk for long periods of time.

Name: Yuseok
Affiliation: Wher Lord
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Brief summary: Aleksand and Sureina's adoptive son, Saneina's elder brother, and single-minded kneecapping machine, Yuseok and his sister were given to Aleksand by their birth mother shortly before she was "disappeared" by the Lord Holder for working with the Wher Lords 27 turns ago. He's a highly intelligent but reckless and easily angered man, and he tends to react impulsively when angered. He works primarily as enforcement, but he's rarely sent on solo or distant missions because of his recklessness. He's viciously loyal to the Wher Lords and holds a frothing hatred for most of Pern's authority figures. He's mostly kept in check by his weyrmate, [name].

Ridiculously tall and fairly androgynous; would be pretty if he were less of an asshole. Tends to wear a lot of jewelry (most of it worthless glass, paste, wood, and brass) and an ancient coat that's entirely composed of patches at this point. It may have been blue-grey back when it was new, given the patch colors.
Playable by others?: No
Will/Won't Do:

Affiliation: Wher Lord
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Brief summary:
Playable by others?: No
Will/Won't Do:

Name: Nikolai
Affiliation: Wher Lord
Gender: Male
Age: 79
Brief summary: Aleksand's uncle. Cunning and quick on his mental feet, but his advancing age has forced him into a less physically demanding role. He is frequently frustrated by his physical limits and has worked around them as much as he possibly can. These days, he is mostly wheelchair-bound; while he is capable of walking, it is safer and easier on him to use his wheelchair rather than his feet. That said, he is no less ruthlessly efficient than he was when he was younger, and if he can't personally be intimidating, Nikolask is quite happy to pick up the slack.

Nikolask, his bronze wher, is also in his twilight years; while it's accepted that Nikolask will probably outlive his handler for a third time, it's not a certainty anymore. Nikolask is generally irritable, but he does have a great deal of fondness for his handler and Saneina. He is particularly massive for a wher; although he's short for a bronze, he is extremely muscular and densely built. At 170 he doesn't Chase anymore, and hasn't for several decades, and he's mellowed out considerably since his firey younger years. His hide has dulled with age, and he's not as able to handle rough terrain anymore. That said, he is still a guard-wher; his reaction to strangers is still aggression and suspicion, and he still requires a firm hand (or voice, in the case of Nikolai).
Playable by others?:
Will/Won't Do: Anything requiring heavy physical activity (at least not without being in crippling pain after).

Name: Saneina
Affiliation: Wher Lord
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Brief summary: Adopted daughter of Aleksand and Sureina and younger sister of Yuseok.
Playable by others?:
Will/Won't Do:
May 16 2014, 12:38 PM
Brief summary: A few sentences about them.
Playable by others?:
Will/Won't Do:


[b]Brief summary:[/b]
[b]Playable by others?:[/b]
[b]Will/Won't Do:[/b]
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