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 Aleksand - Wher Lord - Boss, terrible person
 Posted: Apr 13 2014, 10:54 PM

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Was ki ga endia van jenhah van ieeya, van gyaje, van parce, van dsier van fane.
I deactivate everything, even misfortune, even hope, even fault, even proof, even desire, even mercy.

Name: Aleksan
Age: 71 (Winter)
Affiliation: Wher Lord (Boss/Wher Mother)
Singer?: Y, L4
If yes, list created Spells: METHOD_VIRAL=ASSIMILATE./ (Accesses the shared subconscious of Singers to exploit holes in the mental "firewall" of a specific Singer. Does nothing to ordinary people or latent Singers; carries risk of psychological damage to target Singer. Works best on very powerful Singers, and cannot be used outside of hearing range unless the target has been targeted in the past. Use restricted to level 4 Singers.)
METHOD_INFUSE./ (Boost physical strength and stamina. Requires physical contact to work; is temporary (~6 hours) unless target is being tattooed. Usable by any Singer, but the power of the Singer affects the boost it gives.)
KooIho goXii [Convert my prayer into a blaze of destruction to protect me from hell] (Create a circle of fire with a radius of six feet. Can only be used when under extreme stress. Aleksan's breaking Spell; cannot be used by other Singers.)
DuueS cZneiiPn [Almighty Light, transform my wishes into life and protection to those precious to me] (Intended for very large-scale emergency healing; can heal even mortal wounds. User is put into a trance state and sings until forcibly interrupted or dead. Level 4 Singers only.)

Gender: Female
Personality: Some people are capable of being even-handed and calm when given power. Aleksand is not one of those people.

- tyrannical douchebag
- brutally honest; terrible liar
- holds grudges
- easily angered
- impulsive; poor self control
- violent
- tends to abuse the power she's given
- fond of animals, particularly dragonkin and birds.
- enormous ego
- deeply afraid of being trapped
- baseline mood of "obnoxiously chipper"
- responds poorly to feeling trapped or restrained

Appearance: (at least one paragraph)
- short (4'9")
- flat chest, huge hips, kinda gymnast-muscular
- very short
- face mostly plain save for prominent Chelsea grin
- serious case of babyface; looks really young for her age (~21).
- Singer mark on left eye; wears plain black eyepatch to hide it. Is effectively blind in that eye in normal light conditions. eyes are blue/green heterochromatic.
- pale skin, mousy brown hair
- prefers bright colors, especially red
- usually wears clothes that show off her tattoos
- has all three of the Wher Lord tattoos; Mark tattoo is on her left forearm.
- frequently has small injuries caused by lack of depth perception and general inattention

History: (bullet points are fine)
- Born to a pair of wherhandlers in a tiny cothold near High Reaches. Father died of pneumonia shortly after she was born, and her uncle acted as an older brother and protector.
- blahblah
- Came into her full power at 17 along with Sureina; she hid that she was a Singer, but frequently slipped up. Her Breaking occurred when she and Sureina were taken by a group of soldiers sent to silence any Singers they found by removing their tongues. The soldiers and many of their fellow Singers died in the resulting blaze, and Sureina was badly injured. Neither of them are terribly willing to talk about what happened.

- Adopted Yuseok and Saneina after their mother was murdered. Comments about how they don't look related get subtly threats until they shut up about it. Strangely, people have mostly stopped asking.
- Became more aggressive with controlling the Singers under her control. After several months of crafting, she creates the Spell METHOD_VIRAL=ASSIMILATE to have complete control. All singers within the gang get tattooed with her Mark before the turn is out.

Common Knowledge: She's really powerful but spacey and easily distracted. Also, she's a dick and it's a wonder that she has friends.

Secret: Is the Wher Mother. Also, she's basically the most consistently strongest Singer currently alive.

Aleksand - Singer, Wher Lord, jerkface
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